What Are The Benefits Of BMW Performance Upgrades

BMW cars are acclaimed for their exemplary design, unrivaled performance, and stellar engineering. However, some people expect more power and performance from this machine.

There are some fabulous technologies and performance BMW upgrades that can get you your dream ride from a BMW. If you are thinking about upgrading the performance of your BMW model, then check out the list of advantages that you will expect from it.

Cold Air Intake

The cold air intake is a beneficial and much-needed attribute of high-performance cars. The major advantage of a “cold air intake” mechanism is that it enhances the rate of acceleration, and quality in your car. When you upgrade your BMW to cold air intake system, you can easily notice the before and after difference in your car.

It will significantly enhance the performance in your existing BMW model. Paddlock Imports is a leading Dinan performance dealer that provides highly skilled and certified BMW technicians who are highly skilled who have specialization to work with variety of BMW models.

Exhaust Systems

Another important feature of your BMW vehicle that you can upgrade is its exhaust system. When you upgrade it to an “aftermarket performance”, this system will cause the flow of air through the BMW’s engine a lot efficiently. An upgrade of the exhaust system also allows a clear path for the flow of used fuel and escape of air.

Programmers, and Tuners

Programming and tuning of your BMW are important to ensure efficient working of the car. It provides the engine with improved power through the engine control unit of the car. When you upgrade your BMW to programmers, and tuners, then it changes the settings of ECU for greater efficiency and power. It also greatly improves the capability of your BMW model.

Performance Suspension

The suspension system of the BMW machine includes several parts, such as coil springs, and sway bars. These parts provide complete control of the vehicle. It offers stability at the time of turning the vehicle at high speeds.

A good suspension system assists your car to pick high speed efficiently, and quickly and stop if necessary. When you upgrade suspension parts, you will experience a stiffer suspension, a high-performance feel, and enhanced rigidity.


A performance upgrade of your existing BMW machine will make it all the more powerful and sturdier than before. So, for car enthusiasts, who love riding a power-packed vehicle should definitely upgrade their vehicle and enjoy the above benefits.


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