The simple answer to this question is yes.

Recently, a new client brought his Lamborghini to be repainted. It looked great and was shiny. To get closer, I noticed that the wheels had been scratched by someone. He admitted that he was not comfortable trusting anyone with his car, and that he always cleaned it himself. He noticed grime on his wheels and decided to try a different method. He didn’t notice that he was causing damage to his wheels until it was too late. He had used steel wool, which scratched the clear coat on his once beautiful wheels. He was embarrassed by his mistake and was upset at the cost of correcting it.

We were able to complete the job to his satisfaction because he trusted us to handle his vehicle. We were too busy taking photos of his shiny new wheels with a clear coat applied to them. He drove off a happy customer or should I say, with a smile on his face.

Avoid Car Washes

Many car washes are optimized to maximize time. They can get you in and out quickly, whether it’s a full-service or self-service wash. Sometimes, good car care requires a bit more skill and time.

All of us have heard horror stories about bumpers and rollers used at full-service car washes, and the damage they can cause to rims. It is too much to worry about, and you don’t have to worry about wheel damage while your car is at the spa.

Many of these self-service and full-service car washes also use low-quality cleaners, some of which are acid-based. This is bad for your wheel health. To find out more about their process and products, you can call ahead or visit their site. They may not know whether the cleaner they use is acid-based, or if such cleaners can cause damage to your wheels.

DIY is The Best Method

You can prolong the life and beauty of your wheels by paying more attention to how you clean them. It can make a big difference in how and with what you clean your wheels. Many of our customers have fallen prey to poor cleaning habits, whether they are doing it themselves or hiring a professional. Acid-based cleaners are the most common suspect. Any cleaner that requires that it be rinsed off after only a few minutes of use is likely to be an acid-based cleaner. While acid is great for removing brake dust from your wheels, it can also eat away at your clear coat. After several applications, water, moisture, and other debris can get under the clear coat and corrode the metal. This creates an ugly road map-like pattern that is impossible to wash off.

It is a good idea to let the soap do its job before you scrub. You want a safe, effective, non-acidic product. This detailed video explains how to properly clean your wheels and protect them.

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