Planning Your Travels When Accessibility is an Issue

Everyone loves to travel, but if you have issues getting around, this can be a problem. You may find it difficult to get from A to B if you have to use a wheelchair or cane to get around. However, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your travels, and here are some tips for getting around.

Discover accessible transport options

If you want to go away, then transport is usually one of the biggest issues to think about. Private transport such as a car can usually be the most convenient, but if you rely on public transport, then you should make sure you book support in advance to ensure things are in place before you go. An easy way to get around is to book a wheelchair accessible taxi in Maldon, as this can save you time compared to public transport.

Find accessible accommodation

There are lots of options for accommodation when you travel, depending on where you go:

  • Hotels with accessible rooms
  • Private rentals with accessibility features
  • Caravans, chalets and holiday homes that have been set up to be accessible

Simply make sure you book in advance. Places like hotels usually only have one or two accessible rooms, so you shouldn’t show up assuming one will be free.

The key to travelling with a disability is planning. It can take a little more time to sort out than someone who doesn’t have a disability, but things run much more smoothly if you ensure you’ve booked and sorted them out in advance.


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