Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Shipping Your Vintage Car

Of course, no one will ship their vintage car every now and then. We get only one opportunity when we need to ship our vintage car, and that is when we move our residence to a different city. Therefore, chances of committing certain mistakes are always very high. Many people often make the decision of shipping their car in a hurry.

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However, before shipping your car, you need to consider number of things very carefully so that you can save yourself from lots of frustration later. There are few mistakes that people often commit, while shipping their vintage car that must be avoided. Following are few of those mistakes that you should avoid at all cost while shipping your vintage car.

  • Concentrating only on price

As an owner of a classic car, surely you should understand that that you need to spend little more money as compared to any normal car for protection of your car during transportation. What you must consider more is whether the transporter is trustworthy or not rather than what price he demands.

  • Not doing sufficient research

Never choose your car shipping company in hurry. You need to make enough enquiry about them and do research to find a reliable transporter who will do proper justice to your expensive car while transporting.

  • Not considering insurance

Insurance is the key thing particularly while shipping a vintage car. Also, there are only few car shipping companies, who have the limit to insure such expensive cars. So, you need to ensure that your insurance issue is properly taken care of by the transporter.

  • Overlooking preparation

You need to do adequate preparation before you ship your vintage car. Following are few checklists to remember:

  • Get your car properly inspected
  • Note in case there exist any visible defect in your car
  • Remove all your belongings from the car
  • Antenna or roof rails must be removed
  • Turn off if there is anti-theft system installed
  • Make sure enough gas available so that it can be driven if needed.
  • Trusting the first company and make final deal

You must discuss with at least 3 different car transporting companies and know about their deal and various other requirements for shipping a car. You must have a fair amount of idea how such business really operates. More you discuss with number of companies, you can negotiate better.

  • Not reading carefully terms and conditions

It is important that you must read all the terms and conditions thoroughly of your car shipping company and also understand them well. Make sure that there are no hidden charges involved besides what has been quoted by them.

If you have met number of other car shipping company then you will obviously know who is offering you better terms.


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