How Are Can-Am ATVs Able to Handle All Kinds of Terrain?

The Can-Am company has been building ATVs since 1998 and initially started building motorcycles since 1972. The main feature of these ATVs or Side-by-side machines is their ability to adapt to any type of terrain.  There are different models for each terrain such as the Maverick to ride in the desert and the Outlander line for smooth routes.

These Can-Am models are sold by dealers such as Performance NC. They are the third-largest dealer in Canada providing its services throughout Canada. Furthermore, they have a range of ATVs that they can comparer cote a cote different models suitable for any customer. They are a family-owned business that considers customers like family.

Ways Can-Am ATVs are built to handle any terrain

  • Long travel suspension: Suspension is one of the main elements for a side-by-side manufacturer. The Can-Am ATVs are provided with long suspension with a lower center of gravity and longer wheelbase which helps then adapt to any terrain. The line meant especially for harsh terrain is known as Maverick.
  • Big Power: The Outlander line of Can-Am has the strength and the engine power to move across any terrain. They have a 900cc twin-cylinder turbo engine that helps push the vehicle in any terrain.
  • Comfortable: The original target market of Can-Am is outdoorsy and adventurous families on the way to their new adventure. The Commander line has the comfort required for families to spend hours in the vehicle. This way, you can enjoy the outdoors without having to compromise for comfort.

  • 50-inch in size: The 50-inch maverick is a model that is focused on getting the vehicle into the smallest cracks and paths possible. It helps the riders experience the true outdoors. The 50-inch vehicle helps adrenaline junkies reach any part of the world that they desire.
  • Purpose-built: The Can-Am Outlander XMR is a purpose-built machine that helps the rider ride through the thickest and deepest of muddy paths. The vehicle has snorkels, high ground clearance, heavy-lugged tires that are ready to fight against the pools and puddles of mud. The massive engine also helps in operating this heavy machine.


The Can-Am ATVs are known as the most reliable models in the market. The elements mentioned above are prioritized to make sure that their machines can handle any geographical barrier. They bring out the spirit of outdoors from within the people.


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