Effective Tips for An Inexperienced Person to Get A Truck Driving Job

A lot of candidates aspire to become a truck driver. However, the road to start a career in the trucking industry is not easy. Most of the time, experienced drivers are preferred over freshers. If you have no prior experience in this field, then you need to struggle hard. Learn some effective tips to snag opportunities to become a CDL driver easily.

Apply to a lot of carriers

The first tip that you should keep in mind is to apply for as many jobs as you can find on the job portal. It is required that the jobs on which you apply should be in accordance with your experience and interest field. Your chances of getting selected in a job increases with the number of jobs you apply for. There are chances that you get your desired job quickly.

Phoenix trucking jobs are a popular website to find the best CDL truck driving jobs in Buckeye. This website lists job openings for freshers and experienced truck drivers.

Do consider the mega carriers

Mega carriers are the larger trucking firms. Though due to nil experience, you would see very minute chances of getting selected in those firms, however, there is no harm in trying your luck. Getting a job in these firms can be a big break for you. If you find any mega carrier that is hiring inexperienced candidates, then you must apply to their jobs.

Your Class AZ or CDL license permits you to drive different types of trucks

If you have a Class AZ license or CDL license, then you can find better jobs to get experience and seat time. These types of trucking jobs are seen to pay more compared to what you get by taking up an OTR driving job. The latter ones pay you an hourly rate that will be comparatively less.

Another benefit of working on the basis of your CDL license is that you get a pension plan and a nice salary package. There are several OTR vehicles that value the experience you get by driving these types of trucks. So, you can rest assured that the time and money you invest in these jobs won’t go waste.


Provided scarcity of truck drivers, getting a truck driving job isn’t impossible. All you need is to get knowledge and perform necessary legwork to get selected in trucking firms. These are some of the best ways that will increase the chances of inexperienced candidates to get a driving job.


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