Auto Parts Industry Soars As Increasing Numbers Of Motorists Staying With Used Cars For Sale

Purchasing a used vehicle offers several positive aspects over buying new, many of which relate to cost. Actually, many motorists have found that hanging onto a mature vehicle and fixing up is a less expensive option than investing in a completely new one.

Based on the Detroit Free Press, the car parts market is booming as motorists searching to chop pricing is opting to correct their used vehicles instead of mind to the casino dealer and set lower the cash for any new vehicle. Stock shares for that major auto companies, including Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone and O’Reilly Automotive are at or near 52-week highs.

“Those who are not buying new cars are hanging onto their old cars and repairing them,” Michael Odell, Chief executive officer from the Pep Boys chain, told this news source. Pep Boys has over 600 shops nationwide, but is benefiting from the great business with the addition of 35 additional stores.

The boost in people hanging onto older vehicles is a result of numerous factors, such as simply sheer figures. Colin McGranahan of Bernstein Research speculated that in early area of the decade, the was selling greater than 16 million cars each year. Within the recession-crippled era, time is lower to around ten million cars each year. To put it simply, there are other used cars for sale available than brand new ones.

The present economy is adding with other factors affecting the boost in business. Motorists still aren’t interested in creating a new vehicle purchase, and they’ve already even seen the casino dealer where they initially bought the automobile close lower. Which means they are probably using the vehicle for an independent auto technician, who depends on a car part logistics. McGranahan also stated that others may be performing maintenance and repairs themselves to save money, also is driving parts sales.

Additionally, technologies have advanced to the stage that cars are staying longer compared to what they have before.

“Individuals have recognized their cars will traverses 5 years,” Judd Nystrom, senior v . p . of Advance Auto Parts, told this news source.


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